Early access: help bring the next generation of CNC machining software to life
11 Nov 2022 Norval Scott

Precision manufacturing is fundamental to every aspect of modern life.

Without it there are no cars, aircraft or ships. No mobile phones or computers. No houses or hospitals, no factories or power plants. 

In the modern world virtually nothing can be made without precision parts. And yet, the manufacturing industry has been slow to modernise and adopt the innovations that are shaping our future. It’s inefficient and dirty, and needs to be improved. 

At CloudNC, our mission is to enable efficient manufacturing processes with a single click – creating a clean and sustainable industrial revolution that accelerates humanity and removes the bottlenecks that prevent us from bringing innovations to market. 

That’s a noble aim – but what does it mean in practice? 

Well, we’ve established a factory in Chelmsford, UK, where we’ve not only been making high-spec components for some of the biggest energy, automotive and aerospace manufacturers in the world, but we’ve also been testing software that’s going to change the way we all machine everything – forever. 

And now, we’re about to bring that software to the world. 

On the cutting edge

In 2023, we’re bringing two new solutions to the market through strategic partners and leading CAM packages. The first, CAM Assist, will generate professional machining strategies in seconds. A CAM Assist user can upload a 3D model of any part and the software will autonomously determine the tools needed and how they will be used, and then drafts the code to tell a CNC machine how to make it. 

Features include: 

  • A smart recommendation system to generate editable CAM programs fast 
  • Integrated into leading CAM packages
  • Reduces CAM programming time, complexity and errors 
  • Quickly generates complete and editable CAM programs
  • Creates complete roughing, finishing, holemaking, and deburring strategies in seconds 
  • Support estimation with consistent outcomes for your business

The second, Cutting Parameters, automatically creates and improves a user’s feeds and speeds presets, improving cycle times and process robustness. 

Features include: 

  • Smart recommendation system for improving cutting parameters 
  • Integrated into leading CAM packages
  • Find recommended Feeds & Speeds faster
  • No more stand-alone cutting parameter calculators or catalogues  
  • Improved cycle times and reduced tool wear
  • Consistent outcomes for all team members 

CloudNC co-founder and CEO Theo Saville said: “Together, these solutions represent a step change in how CNC machines can be programmed. No longer do producers need to rely on a plethora of skilled experts to get the best results – now, our software can assist machinists to reach an efficient and accurate path in a fraction of the time, helping the user get to their destination far faster.”

Beta testing 

Today, CloudNC is onboarding beta testers to help evaluate the first iterations of the software ahead of the launch later in 2023. 

If you are a CNC machine programmer or workshop owner and would be interested in taking part, please get in touch via this form, and we’ll be in contact when we’re rolling out the beta testing phase. We’re looking for users of leading CAM packages who are interested in CAM and machining – you can be a hobbyist, educator, or professional CAM programmer. 

Mr Saville said: “This is a unique opportunity to help polish the solutions that will help bring the flexibility of the digital world to physical manufacturing. But to bring our vision to life, we need the input of experts to help evaluate our solutions and suggest improvements. Get in touch today – we’re keen to work with you!”

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