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Precision Manufacturing

Our AS9100D accredited factory manufactures components in the UK for global Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Energy companies.

It puts our advanced technology into practice, unlocking efficiencies and reducing waste.

We can help you produce the components you need, reliably and competitively.

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AI Cam Assist Software

90% of your CAM programming workload, completed automatically by our cloud-based machining AI.

Increase your CAM programming throughput by > 10x. Train new machinists years faster. Raise the productivity of your team.

The future of machining is here.

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  • 99% on-time delivery

  • Program parts in minutes, not hours

We work with manufacturers and software companies to bring the benefits of our leading technology to the world.

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We’re driving the next Industrial Revolution.


Precision manufacturing is fundamental to every aspect of modern life.

Without it there are no cars, aircraft or ships. No mobile phones or computers. No houses or hospitals, no factories or power plants. No food.

We’re on a mission to enable efficient manufacturing processes with a single click – creating a clean and sustainable industrial revolution that accelerates humanity.

We’re here to elevate an entire industry and put manufacturing back at the cutting edge.

Pioneering People

We’re hiring visionary people to work collectively to solve the most complex problems in manufacturing, artificial intelligence and engineering – to rethink, invent and optimise at every level.

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